At first glance, hard water might not seem like a terrible problem. After all, it’s marked chiefly by an excess of certain minerals in the water. However, these excessive minerals can negatively impact not only your plumbing system but also your skin and hair and your clothes and dishes. If you’re having problems with hard water, you need to call your local plumbing company in Calgary to find a solution.

Dry, Brittle Hair

Hard water can impact the health of your skin and hair. You’ll likely find that your hair is dry and brittle, breaking easily. For those with oily or sensitive skin, the excess minerals in hard water can lead to clogged pores and more frequent breakouts. Lastly, hard water can negatively impact those with skin conditions such as eczema, leading to dehydrated skin.

Low or Reduced Water Pressure

The building of minerals within your pipes can hurt water flow throughout your home, significantly reducing it. Mineral deposits can restrict the pipe’s interior diameter, resulting in less water getting through your faucets, even though there’s no issue with your water supply. You’d think to call in a plumber in such cases because the issue is a blockage, but the water itself causes the problem.

Stained or Worn-Out Clothes

Hard water takes a toll on fabrics in the wash, too. You might notice that your clothes develop mineral stains, with colours dulling and the material thinning quickly. Denim and cotton are typically the fabrics most affected by hard water, so if your jeans are coming out of a fresh wash stiff, then the chances are that hard water is the cause.

Residue on Clean Dishes

You’re also likely to notice that your dishes, once dry, have a residue to them. This is caused by the excess minerals in the water, which leave behind soap scum and a cloudy film on clean dishes and glassware.

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing problems due to hard water. There are solutions available from your local plumbing company in Calgary to save your clothes, skin, hair, and dishes from the harsh effects of hard water. My Calgary Plumber can help solve your hard water dilemma. Give us a call today!