What You Have To Do When Your Water Turns Brown

Nothing is grosser than seeing the water in your home turn brown. While it is usually a time to panic, you have to be calm so you can take the right steps to solve the problem.

Why Is My Water Coming From My Plumbing System Brown?

To understand how to handle the brown water, you have to know why it is brown in the first place. Here are the main reasons it happens.

  • A common reason this occurs is when older pipes start to rust. The rust is pushed through the line and contaminates the water. Calgary plumbers suggest that you do not expose yourself to rusted water as it can be severely dangerous.
  • A high amount of iron or manganese can be a reason your water is brown. Over time, these minerals can build up in your pipes causing the water to change its color.
  • Your main supply line could also be facing issues which is impacting your water. You will need a plumber in Calgary to conduct a sewer inspection to see if this is the case.
  • Another issue is that your water heater might be facing some problems, which is filtering through your pipes turning it brown.

The Three Steps A Calgary Plumber Takes When They Have Brown Water

When your water has turned brown in your home, here are the three steps you have to take to get rid of it.

  • Do not drink or touch it
    Once you have noticed that the water in your home has changed, or is changing, to a brown color, do not you expose yourself to it. That means no drinking or showering it. It can be lethal for you.
  • Shut off your water system for the moment
    Find the main valve for your water system to your home and shut it off. This will help protect you from any exposure.
  • Call in emergency plumbing service immediately
    This is an emergency that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. The issue is that you don’t know why the change of color has occurred and that requires a professional plumbing company to look at your system. Call in emergency plumbing services quickly so you can get the problem solved.

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