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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Faucet: A Calgary Homeowner’s Guide

If you’re looking to hire a plumber, you want to choose the right person for the job. Any time you are dealing with contractors there are important considerations to not overlook. Follow this handy checklist to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

Get Recommendations

Ask friends and family for recommendations of people they’ve actually used in the past. Ask them what they liked about the person, were there any issues or problems at all.

Check Licensing & Registration

Once you have at least three or four recommendations and referrals check that they are licensed and registered. It’s very important that the plumber you choose has an up-to-date license and registration to ensure that the work is done correctly and up to code.

Ask for Written Estimates

Get estimates from at least 3 different plumbers or plumbing companies. The plumber should come to where the work needs to be done and physically evaluate what needs to be done. They cannot make a good estimate over the phone. They should be willing to do this free of charge. Also check that each estimate is based on the same work to be done.

Understand How Things are Priced

Ask the plumber to explain to you how things are priced. If you don’t understand the pricing method used by the plumber you might inadvertently do something that makes the estimate go up.

Check for Permit Requirements

Your plumber should take care of all permits for you, but you should make yourself aware of the requirements in your area of the country. If your plumber wants you to get the permits this is a questionable practice that you should not agree to.

Check that Your Plumber is Insured

Physically check that the plumber is insured. They can say they are bonded and insured and still not actually be bonded and insured. Ask for the information so that you can call their insurance company to verify insurance.

Get a Written Contract

The contract should describe in great detail exactly what work will be done, the type of materials that will be used, warranties, the timetable of the project, names of subcontractors used and the total price as well as a schedule for payments. If you don’t like the contract they wrote ask them to change it.

Understand Your Payment Options

Make sure you understand how payments should be made, making sure that you don’t pay a final payment until all work is verified complete. If you pay contractors all their money up front, you may have trouble getting them to be motivated to finish.

Beware Final Payments

Do not make final payments or sign anything that could indicate that you’re satisfied with the work until you are sure that they’re done and that all subcontractors and suppliers have been paid. Even subcontractors can place a lien on your home if they’re not paid by the contractor.

Pay With Credit

Using a credit card can give you some protection if you find later that the work was not sufficient and you are not satisfied. Credit cards often allow you to contest the charge until all problems are corrected.

By using this checklist each time you need to hire a plumber you’ll be sure to get the type of service you want and work up to your standards. It’s important that you take control of the situation so that you are happy with the final results.

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