valves used in plumbing systems

5 Types Of Valves Used In Plumbing Systems

Plumbing systems use a variety of valves to connect pipes and control the flow of water. Here are some of the common types of valves used by Calgary plumbers.

Gate Valve 

gate valve

These are the most used valves in plumbing systems.  Gate valves have an internal gate which is raised or lowered in order to control water flow to the other side. Gate valves have a knob at the top which is used to control the movement of the gate. These types of valves get damaged fast if the gates are not completely opened or closed as the water flow can wear off the metal parts. 

Ball Valve 

ball valve

 A ball valve, as its name suggests, is a valve whose plug is a hollow, perforated, pivoting ball seated within a tubular body and which controls the flow of fluids or gases by allowing them to flow through the opening through one end. The hollow center of the sphere is called the passage or hole. 

The position in which the handle is located will show you the status of the valve: closed or open. When the valve is closed, you will see the perforation perpendicular to the inlet and outlet; while when open, it is aligned with the inlet and outlet of the valve.  

Butterfly Valve 

butterfly valve

Butterfly valves are used to allow or prevent the passage and in many of the applications of liquid products in the chemical, pharmaceutical industries, and food industry. The butterfly valve can be operated automatically with an actuator or manually using a handle. In the latter case, the lever locks the valve in one of two possible positions: open or closed, although there are more intermediate positions in other versions of these valves. 

Needle Valve 

needle valve

Its name is due to its conical closing shaft that functions as a plug over a small opening. The needle valve is ideal for regulating the flow, because thanks to its design, precision, and stability it allows a good seal, without wear, even with large contrasts between pressures. In the hydraulic sector, the needle valves are used as a bypass to the butterfly or ball valves before the entry of engines or turbines. 

Check Valve 

check valve

These valves are also known as one-way valves or non-return valves. Their function is to completely close the passage of the fluid that is moving in one direction and allow flow in the opposite direction. The internal disk has a minimum distance to the total opening position. They are used when you want to keep the pressure of a pipe that is in operation, and in turn, discharge the other side that is blocked and retained. They can be used to avoid water hammers (breakdowns) and pump dropping. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on commonly used valves in plumbing systems.

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