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Where to Locate Water Valves in Your Home and Why is Important to Know Where They Are

Most Plumbers in Calgary can help you know where your main water shutoff is and save your home if it starts to leak or experiences a pipe burst. 

Locating your main water shutoff can help you contain the situation swiftly and help with damage control. If possible, it is always best for everyone in your home to know where your water shutoff valve is and how to turn it off in case of an emergency, and if you are not around. 

Where to Find the Main Water Shutoff Valve 

Finding the main water shutoff valve can be pretty challenging, especially in an emergency. But, in many cases, you will find it along your home’s perimeter. 

So, check along the exterior walls of your home. If everything else fails, locate the water meter. Usually, the main shutoff valve is located somewhere close to it. 

  • Basements 

Typically, you will find the shutoff valve near the front of your foundation wall. Often, you will find the valve within 3 to 5 feet of where your main water enters your home. 

In other cases, water can enter through a mechanical room, near the furnace or water heater, or up through the floor. 

  • Crawl-Space with a Basement 

In older homes, you will typically find your water shutoff valve inside the crawl space. In such instances, you may want to consider installing a secondary valve in your basement if you cannot reach the crawl space during an emergency. 

  • Crawl-Space Without a Basement 

If you don’t have a basement and your shutoff valve is located in the crawl space, you should consider having a second valve in your living space. 

This can be under a sink or near the water heater so that you can access it quickly in case of an emergency. 

  • Slab-On-Grade Construction 

Typically, you will find the shutoff valve near your water heater or under a sink. However, anywhere else is also possible. 

Reasons to Know Where Your Water Valves Are 

You may have to contact an Affordable Plumber near me to help you locate your water valves if you cannot find them yourself. 

Here are some reasons why you should know where your water valves are 

  • When doing renovations 
  • During plumbing emergencies 
  • When going on vacation 

In any event, you will want a professional plumber around if the situation calls for it. 

A Residential and Commercial Plumbing Service You Can Trust 

Hopefully, this helps you understand the importance of locating your water valves. In an emergency, hiring a plumber in Calgary with expertise could save your home from flooding. Every second counts when water damage becomes a potential risk. 

My Calgary Plumber has a team of experts that can help you prevent or fix problems at home. So, give us a call

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