What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Who likes a dripping faucet, a suspicious ceiling or wall stain, or a disturbingly damp floorboard? Mould does–but most people don’t, that’s for sure! So how do you keep house maintenance costs low and a higher quality of living–high? First, it’s time to get proactive with possible plumbing issues. To avoid the mess and cost, observing the signs of “potential” plumbing issues is best! And for more insight, a quick call to the nearest 24-hour plumbing expert can help you when the waterworks begin! 

Here’s Your Sign to avoid the extra expense and worry of plumbing issues; prevention is critical. Check out these signs to find if leaks and rising water bills may be in your future: 

  • Constant dripping faucets (noisy and annoying) 
  • Reduced flow from wherever you draw water from 
  • Septic systems that turn on and off frequently (could indicate a broken pipe that overworks the system) 
  • Appliances that use water malfunctioning  
  • Stale water smells in various rooms (particularly in rooms that may utilize the plumbing system more) 

If you’ve noticed irregularities on your water bill, you may have a plumbing emergency. Time to reach out to a knowledgeable 24-hour plumbing company! Ignorance is not bliss in this case! It pays to observe any discrepancies signalled by smells, touch, or the presence of excess water anywhere it shouldn’t be. Without addressing potential leaks, serious health risks can arise because the chance for dangerous mould arises where excess moisture is. Noticing the small signals now can help preserve what funds you have to avoid: 

  • Costly water bills 
  • Emergency plumbing services 
  • Material replacement costs 
  • And potentially hospital or doctor bills because of the presence of mould brought on by excess moisture 

You don’t have to face the problematic deluge alone! Your local 24 hour plumbing service is just a phone call away! Is there a curious damp smell in your home or business? Do you have concerns that a leak may be unravelling the safety you feel in your own home? Contact “my Calgary plumber” today! We can help you save on potentially expensive repair costs and calm your concerns!  

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