Are you installing a plumbing system in your new house? Well, there are three main stages of the plumbing process, whether in new construction or renovation. With many areas in renovation and construction, you need to complete them before moving in. If you are looking for quality plumbing services in Calgary, My Calgary plumber is just a call away.  

The following are the stages of plumbing:  

All Plumbing Services in Calgary Start With the Groundwork 

If you are building a new home, then the first thing you must do is bring the services to your home, whether a plumber or an excavation company. Keep in mind that you will need a permit from the City Council and get this stage inspected about the same time as building footings to support the foundation. During this stage, our professional plumbers will identify all waste and water connections from the house system to public utilities and establish the areas where the system will enter or leave the house.  

Second Stage is Rough-In Plumbing  

Although the rough-in plumbing can be part of the groundwork stage, it does not apply in all cases. Consequently, all of your drains, vent pipes and water lines will need installation at this point. You will also need to install steamers, bathtubs, showers, and shower bases at this stage. Be assured that our professional plumbers will test everything before the drywalls are closed up.  

The final Stage is the Finish Plumbing  

The finish phase is the last stage for your plumbing system. It is in this stage where your plumber installs any appliances involved, including toilets and sinks. Also, your plumber will need to shut off valves, trim kits, install water heaters, hook up fireplaces, and other gas appliances. Your plumber should ensure to check any leaks in all appliances involved and fixtures.  

Now you have an idea of the three plumbing stages. If you need a plumber for your next building project, renovation, service call, or basement development, it will be our pleasure to serve you. Our trusted group of plumbers in Calgary will always be at your service.  

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Photo Credits: Image by JWahl from Pixabay