When it comes to plumbing in your home, there are some habits you should always remember to do and teach your children to do, and other things you should never do or stop doing right away.

The Do’s of Calgary Plumbing

If you are in the habit of performing these small plumbing tasks on a regular basis, you will likely require Calgary plumbing services less frequently and avoid potential emergency plumbing situations.

Make sure you run the water at full pressure whenever you use the garburator.

Always shut off the outside water valves during the winter to avoid freezing pipes.

Regularly check the caulk lines along sinks, tubs and showers to ensure there is no leaking.

You should open the drain on your water heater at least twice per year to remove the sedimentary buildup.

Hire a Calgary plumbing company for any issues that you don’t feel comfortable handling on your own.

The Don’ts of Calgary Plumbing

You may have accumulated some bad habits when it comes to plumbing. Most plumbing issues result from these bad habits, avoiding them will lessen the need to hire Calgary plumbers frequently.

Do not flush disposable diapers or feminine hygiene products down the toilet.

Even if baby wipes are biodegradable, you should not flush them down the toilet.

Do not put coffee grounds down the sink; they can cause significant clogging.

Try to avoid putting high fibre food waste like celery, onion skins or corn husks in the garburator.

Avoid the risk of plastic or other objects falling into the toilet by removing any over-the-toilet shelving.

Try to fix every problem on your own. Many plumbing issues require the expertise and skill of a certified Calgary plumber.

Benefits of a Calgary Plumbing Company

Calgary plumbers can give you further advice when it comes to plumbing services. Their experiences extend to all Calgary plumbing and drain services. If you have a plumbing concern, keep in mind that some companies conveniently offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

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