How to find a plumber near you in Calgary?

No matter the nature of a plumbing issue, at some point, every homeowner needs to find a professional, who can identify the cause of a crisis and provide expert repairs that are easy on the pocket. But how do you hire an expert you can trust in the midst of a crisis? We’ll tell you how to. Plumbing problems don’t wait to happen. When they […]

What are some common water saving Tips?

The waste of water is a major issue.   The average family wastes thousands of gallons of water annually. Most of the causes of the waste are directly linked to plumbing issues. Read on as we try to cover some of the most important plumbing fixes that can help you save water, and reduce your growing water bill.   Repair leaks   As an informed homeowner, it’s your responsibility to regularly […]

Reasons a Toilet is Not Flushing Properly

For a homeowner, nothing hits hard than finding that his toilet is not emptying its entire content properly. The inconvenient development is undoubtedly the worst feeling. However, there is no reason to go in a panic mood because a toilet that’s not flushing may not necessarily mean that it is in trouble. Sometimes the cause […]

DIY Plumbing – 3 Steps To Remove Trapped Air From Pipes

Airlocks are air pockets that affect the smooth flow of water. More common in hot water pipes because of the added pressure, airlocks often occur as a result of the natural flow of water in your plumbing system.   Although a professional plumber will know how to remove the air from your pipes and can confirm if this is the actual problem, you may want to try to remove these airlocks yourself […]

How To Make A DIY Drain Unclogger At Home

The drainpipe is a U-shaped pipe that is located under the sink and works as a trap to prevent sewer gases from moving up and escaping through drains. While your U-shaped pipe acts as a convenient trapping mechanism, it is also often one of the main culprits for your sink jam. And while a plunger […]