When you’re going about your morning routine, the bathroom pipes are probably the last thing on your mind. But, the next time you suds up, keep an eye out for these everyday habits — left unchecked, they can damage your plumbing and lead to costly repairs. With a few simple changes, you can preserve the pipes and prevent an emergency call to a plumber in Calgary. 

Taking Long, Hot Showers 

There’s nothing like a long, steaming-hot shower to relax your muscles and your mind. When marathon showers become a habit, however, you’re setting the stage for mould. This unsightly fungus thrives in heat and humidity.  

There’s no need to resign yourself, short showers. You can prevent mould — and the stains and health issues it brings — with ventilation. An adequately vented exhaust fan pulls moisture from the air before it can accumulate. If your fan isn’t cutting it, consider cracking a window after each shower. 

Allowing Hair to Build Up in the Drain 

If you’ve ever snaked a shower drain, you know that hair can cause serious clogs. Drain pipes aren’t designed to hold standing water; the constant pressure leads to leaks. As bacteria build-up, mould and mildew can cause unpleasant odours. 

Don’t wait until the water starts backing up around your ankles to take action; hair buildup is easy to prevent. Install a hair-catching drain screen, and clean it after every shower. It’s a bit of a pain, but it certainly beats a clogged drain. 

Letting Water Collect on the Floor 

Does your floor feel wet after every shower? If you’re not cleaning it up immediately, the moisture could be wreaking havoc on your bathroom. Sitting water damages grout and seeps into small cracks in the flooring. Before long, you’re dealing with loose tiles, warped floorboards, or hidden mould.  

An absorbent bath mat is an easy way to prevent puddling. However, if spray escapes in all directions, you might also need to soak up excess moisture with a mop or towel after every shower. 

In Case You Need a Plumber in Calgary

If you make a habit of these behaviours, it’s not too late to make changes. By avoiding potentially damaging shower habits, you can prevent expensive and inconvenient maintenance down the line. If you encounter any problems with your plumbing, My Calgary Plumber is here to help. Our experienced team can make repairs and get your bathroom back up and running — call us today to book a professional plumber in Calgary.