Plumbing regularly handles water, that’s what it’s designed to do. But large amounts of water outside the system can cause massive damage. If your home experienced a flood from natural causes, a burst pipe, or other reasons, you’re probably working hard to repair the damage. A licensed plumber can thoroughly inspect your property and get the plumbing system back in shape. Here are some of the common plumbing problems after a flood.

Clogged Drains in Calgary Plumbing

Clogs are a common problem handled by plumbing companies in Calgary, and this doesn’t change after a flood. Floodwater carries a variety of sediment that gets left behind as the water recedes. This leaves many drains clogged with debris.

Dirty and Damaged Plumbing Fixtures

Many Calgary plumbing fixtures need to be replaced after a flood, but those that don’t require significant attention. All installations that are still usable need a thorough cleaning with a bleach solution; often this includes taking apart the fixture to soak the parts in bleach.

Broken Pipes Require Emergency Plumbing Calgary

Pipes face a lot of stress during a flood, and some of them are likely to break with the strain. Broken pipes in your home or underground create significant problems that require emergency plumbing Calgary services.

Foundation Damage

Saturated soil can move beneath a foundation, causing it to shift and crack. When this happens, plumbing pipes are one of the things that can suffer damage. After repairing the foundation, you’ll need plumbing companies in Calgary to repair the pipes.

Repairing Flood Damage with Plumbing Companies Calgary

Damage from a flood is often extensive and requires professional assistance. A plumbing company can provide emergency plumbing Calgary repairs to get plumbing functioning safely and adequately again.

Calgary plumbing can take a beating during a flood, but you can get your system working again with a plumbing company.

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