Reasons a Toilet is Not Flushing Properly

For a homeowner, nothing hits hard than finding that his toilet is not emptying its entire content properly. The inconvenient development is undoubtedly the worst feeling. However, there is no reason to go in a panic mood because a toilet that’s not flushing may not necessarily mean that it is in trouble. Sometimes the cause is very basic, and all it needs is a simple repair. In case the issue is bigger, a professional may help.   

Here in this article, we are talking about common reasons why a toilet is not functioning properly  

Your toilet is clogged.   

A toilet, it is important to remember, is NOT a trash can. You cannot go and flush down whatever you want in it. It’s made to handle 3 Ps – Pee, Poo, and Paper (Toilet Paper). If you flush down anything else, it will eventually stop it from functioning properly and invite major disaster which would anyway cost hours of professional repairs. So, always make sure you or anyone in your family is NOT using it to flush down hair, soap, wipes, diapers, kitty litter, etc. It is also important to remember that excessive use of toilet paper can clog an active toilet. So, if you have a habit of using too much toilet paper, it is a good idea to use thin papers that can dissolve quickly and won’t clog your toilet.   

Your toilet’s water level is low   

This is a very basic issue and can be fixed easily. Check the water valve, see if it has been turned off. In case it is turned off, turn it on and release water to see if the tank refills to an adequate level. Flush the water to see if things are working well.   

Flapper is cracked   

See the health of the flapper. If it seems to be distorted or bent, you may have to replace it. While it is not hard to replace it by yourself, if you are not fully sure, please ask for assistance by calling a professional plumbing service in Calgary.   

Other reasons for a toilet not flushing properly include problems linked to drain line, lift chain etc.   

While most of the reasons can turn out to be basic and can be fixed easily, sometimes the issue may need professional assistance. Rather than trying to solve an issue all by yourself, seek a professional’s help. My Calgary Plumber is Calgary’s local expert for repairing all plumbing-related issues. They provide great service at a great price. To learn more about the services, please visit their website.   

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