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Garbage Disposal Problems: What to do if the garbage disposal is not working

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Garbage disposals are an essential appliance in any kitchen, as they play a crucial role in disposing of food waste. When a garbage disposal stops working, it can cause inconvenience and frustration. Lets discuss the importance of a functioning garbage disposal, common reasons why a garbage disposal may stop working, troubleshooting steps, professional assistance, tips for prevention and maintenance, and the importance of addressing a non-working garbage disposal promptly.


Explanation of the importance of a functioning garbage disposal

A garbage disposal helps to eliminate food waste, prevent clogs in the plumbing system, and reduce odors in the kitchen. It also promotes a clean and hygienic environment by preventing the accumulation of food scraps in the trash. Learn more on our latest post: https://posts.gle/DkukW4

Overview of common reasons why a garbage disposal in Calgary may stop working

Some common reasons for a garbage disposal to stop working include electrical issues, jammed impellers, clogs or blockages, and general wear and tear over time.


Troubleshooting steps

A. Check the power source

Ensure that the garbage disposal is properly plugged in and receiving power. If the disposal is hardwired, check the circuit breaker to make sure it has not tripped.

B. Reset the disposal

Many garbage disposals are equipped with a reset button that can be pressed to restart the unit. This can help reset the system and clear any minor issues.

C. Remove any clogs or debris

Use a flashlight to check for any visible clogs or debris in the disposal unit. Carefully remove any obstructions using tongs or an allen wrench.

D. Clean the disposal unit

Regularly cleaning the garbage disposal can help prevent odors and keep it running smoothly. Use a mixture of ice cubes and vinegar or lemon peels to clean the disposal.


Professional assistance

When to call a plumber in Calgary, AB for garburator repair

If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, it may be time to call a plumber. A professional can identify the root cause of the problem and provide a solution.

Hiring a professional garbage disposal repair service

Many companies specialize in garbage disposal repair and can quickly diagnose and fix the issue. It is important to hire a reputable service provider with experience in working with garbage disposals.

Costs associated with professional repairs

The cost of professional repairs can vary depending on the severity of the issue and the complexity of the repair. It is best to obtain a quote from the repair service before proceeding with the repair.


Tips for prevention and maintenance

A. Avoid putting certain items down the disposal

Avoid putting hard items such as bones, fruit pits, and coffee grounds down the disposal, as these can damage the impellers. Also, avoid pouring grease or oil down the disposal, as this can cause clogs.

B. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regularly cleaning the garbage disposal with ice cubes and vinegar or lemon peels can help keep it running smoothly. Additionally, running cold water while using the disposal can help prevent clogs.

C. Signs your disposal may need to be replaced

If your garbage disposal is old, constantly jamming, emitting strange noises, or failing to turn on, it may be time to consider replacing it. A professional can help you determine if a replacement is necessary.


Recap of key points

A functioning garbage disposal is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen environment. Troubleshooting steps, professional assistance, and tips for prevention and maintenance can help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly.

Importance of addressing a non-working garbage disposal promptly

Addressing a non-working garbage disposal promptly can help prevent further damage and costly repairs. Ignoring the issue can lead to more severe problems down the line.

Final thoughts and recommendations

Regular maintenance and proper use of the garbage disposal can help extend its lifespan and prevent issues. If you encounter a problem with your garbage disposal, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance to resolve the issue promptly.

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