People frequently ignore plumbing problems until their homes flood due to a burst pipe. Unfortunately, some leaks do occur slowly and subtly, and minor warning signs may go unnoticed. However, it is essential that once you’ve spotted a leaky pipe, you should contact a plumbing emergency service as soon as possible. Call My Calgary Plumber at 587-707-0606 any time if you have any problems.

Damages a small leak might cause when a leaking pipe becomes an emergency.

Contamination of Household Water  

Assume your leak is caused by a burst or damaged pipe that supplies your home with drinking water. When the velocity drops suddenly, different pollutants can enter the line, putting the water at risk of contamination. In this case, your pipes may absorb outside water, as well as particles, lowering the quality of your drinking water.  

Damage to the structure  

Roof and plumbing leaks can cause severe structural damage to the rafters, wall framework, ceiling joists, wood decay, foundation damage, and the walls where the pipes are installed, among other things. All of this can lead to costly and time-consuming repairs, so it’s critical to catch leaks early on while the damage is still minor.  

Ceiling and attic damage  

If you have an attic, roof leaks can damage the attic and the items stored there; if you don’t, the damage will be to your ceiling. Such damage can then spread, putting your walls’ structure at risk, as well as your ceiling lights and fans. 

Conclusion: a leaking pipe is dangerous.  

Water pipe leaks can cause just as much damage as other types of pipe leaks. In addition, mold and moisture problems can have serious health consequences for respiratory issues like asthma, in addition to the reasons listed above.  

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