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How to Clean the Garbage Disposal Unit in the Sink

Garbage disposals work like magic. They break down food particles and send them down the drain, saving you the hassle of dealing with food scraps. Tucked away under your sink, garbage disposals are out of sight, so it’s easy to forget about them. But if left neglected, they can accumulate debris and eventually make your sink stink. That’s why it’s essential to clean them regularly. If it clogs, make sure you call an affordable plumber in Calgary! 

Tips from your affordable plumber in Calgary

When a foul odour starts coming from your sink, it’s a sure sign your garbage disposal could need some cleaning. We’ll show you how to clean it yourself, here are some simple DIY steps on how to clean your garbage disposal.  

Step 1: Turn Off the Power 

First, disconnect the power to prevent the disposal from going on accidentally while you’re cleaning. Failure to do so could turn a simple household chore into a costly hospital visit. To disconnect the power, pull the plug from the outlet under the sink, or switch off the energy from the breaker box.  

Step 2: Clean the Sink Baffle

The baffle (also known as the rubber splash guard or gasket) is the removable rubber panel that sits above your sink’s drain hole. You can clean it by applying soap to the abrasive side of a kitchen sponge and scrubbing it vigorously to remove any debris or grime.  

Ensure you scrub thoroughly between all the folds, creases, and undersides when cleaning it. These areas are prone to accumulating a lot of debris, and they could harbour nasty germs. Consider using an antibacterial cleaner to prevent bacteria buildup for best results and additional protection.  

Step 3: Clean the Grinding Chamber  

Don’t worry about scrubbing the blades. You’ll only scrub the walls of the grinding chamber. Again, use a sponge to scrub the walls starting from the top. Frequently rinse the sponge and clean the walls until the sponge pulls up no more slime.  

Step 4: Add Ice Cubes and Rock Salt 

Your garbage disposal should be relatively clean if you do the steps already mentioned. But for better results, add ice and rock salt. First, fill the removal with ice cubes. Then pour a cup of rock salt into the disposal and run the disposal for several seconds with cold water to crush the ice cubes. This extra step will help remove any tough debris inside the grinding chamber.  

Step 5: Add Citrus Peels  

This last step is optional, but you can add citrus peels to freshen up your disposal and eliminate foul odours. Lemon is the most common, but orange or lime peels can also be used.  

After completing these steps, you’ll have a garbage disposal that’s squeaky clean and free from foul smells. 

Cleaning your garbage disposal can improve drainage. But if your sink isn’t draining correctly after a thorough clean, consider searching for an “affordable plumber near me” to locate a nearby affordable plumber in Calgary for assistance. Call My Calgary Plumber today to schedule an appointment.

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