How to Avoid 5 Common Plumbing Problems in the Summer

Save hundreds of dollars in wasted water and plumbing repair this summer by following these 5 tips:

  • Know Your Main Water Valve Location

Knowing where your main water valve is situated and being able to switch it off will not only benefit you in controlling or stopping a leak, but it will also make it convenient for maintenances. Control over the main valve also stops you from wasting large amounts of water.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Water Pressure

Check all of your faucets on a regular basis, both indoor and outdoor. A change in water pressure could mean a leaky or broken pipe somewhere within your water supply system. Rarely, a problem with your water pressure could also indicate some trouble in the water lines leading to your home.

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  • Don’t Ignore Water Leaks

Leaky toilets, dripping faucets, or low water pressure can indicate a leak somewhere along your pipes. Leaks can be triggered by loose fittings, damaged pipes, or broken fixtures. If you see a drip or even a small pool of water, try to figure out where it comes from.

  • Avoid Clogging Your Drains

Clean your drains regularly and avoid letting too much of hair or food waste to go down the drain. Clogs are the major cause of plumbing troubles throughout the year. Place small sink traps over your drains to stop unwanted food and other heavy items from being carried down with the draining water

  • Check Your Sprinkler

Always keep a close eye on your sprinkler system. If you find soft spots in your yard that have a tendency to fill with water or look muddy, your sprinkler mechanism may have a leaking problem. If you are not able to catch the leak yourself, make sure you call a professional plumber like My Calgary Plumber.

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