Being proactive and doing essential plumbing maintenance is a good idea, especially as a homeowner. Regularly inspecting your plumbing system comes with a whole load of benefits, such as checking if everything is working correctly and detecting any potential problems.   

Checking for issues in your plumbing system before they arise is crucial, as leaks can lead to significant problems and costly repairs. However, if you notice a plumbing problem, you must contact a 24 hour plumbing service as soon as possible. If you have any troubles, call My Calgary Plumber at 587-707-0606.  

When Should You Have the Plumbing Inspected?  

The majority of experienced plumbers believe that a home’s plumbing system should go through an inspection every two years at the very least. However, there are times when more frequent checks are required. Listed below are a few examples:  


If your home is older, you recently purchased a property, or you live in an area with giant mature trees. As a result, you will need to get your plumbing serviced more often. Our experienced plumbers can help you find problems and give a deeper understanding of your house’s plumbing service requirements the next time you need a plumbing inspection.  

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