When you’ve got questions about plumbing, the first place you’re likely to turn is the internet. But how do you know what to trust? Your reliable local Calgary plumber has got you covered! We’ve gathered four of the most frequently asked plumbing-related questions and had the expert plumbers at My Calgary Plumber answer them for you. Here they are.

Hard vs Soft Water: What are the differences?

Hard water, unlike soft water, contains mineral ions that can cause you problems. These problems range from sediment build-up within your pipes to problems with your skin and hair to a residue that clings to all of your “clean” glassware after a cycle in the dishwasher.

Hard water can cause serious problems from your pipes, by causing them to degrade at a faster rate than they might otherwise. You might also notice that you spend a lot more time cleaning up when your home has hard water, since hard water leaves a mineral film on a lot of surfaces. Plus, you’re likely to notice a build-up of minerals on your fixtures – like your sinks and shower heads.

Why is my toilet so noisy when flushed?

If your toilet is particularly noisy – more so than it usually should be – then there’s likely a problem with the flush mechanism. This can be an easy fix, usually just requiring that you shorten a chain or swap out a faulty part. But you might want to consult a plumber if you notice the problem persisting or find that you cannot fix the issue yourself.

Is a constantly running toilet normal?

No, a constantly running toilet isn’t normal. It’s an annoying sound and it’s a waste of water; you’re likely to notice that there’s an increase in your water bill if your toilet is always running. Often, a constantly running toilet is caused by either an improperly installed flapper or because there isn’t a proper seal around the flush valve.

Often, you’re likely to find that you can solve the problem by wiggling the handle up and down until the noise stops. But this is just a temporary solution. If your toilet’s flapper isn’t closing properly, then it needs to be replaced.

Is it normal to have noisy pipes?

It’s absolutely not normal to have noisy pipes. If you’re noticing or hearing strange or abnormal sounds from your pipes, then you need to call a Calgary plumber in immediately because it can be a sign of there being something seriously wrong with your home’s plumbing system.

Hopefully, these answers provide you with some valuable information about your home’s plumbing. Check out the My Calgary Plumber blog today for more advice and information about plumbing, straight from your local plumber in Calgary. Got a problem? Give My Calgary Plumber a call today!