5 Plumbing Repairs You Should Know

While there are hundreds of plumbing problems that a person could face, most of them are rare occurrences. In most cases, people will face common plumbing repairs that they can manage without seeking immediate assistance from a plumber in Calgary. These are the five most common plumbing repairs you should know.

The 5 Most Common Plumbing Repairs

  • A Running Toilet
    It is perhaps one of the most common issues that people face in their homes, and surprisingly when plumbing companies in Calgary are called in. A running toilet is not an emergency that requires additional assistance. You can easily handle it yourself by adjusting the flapper in the toilet so that the water can flow properly.
  • A Clogged Drain
    There are two schools of thought with a clogged drain. If it is a minor one, you can quickly solve the problem by using a plunger to pump out the clog or pouring down drain cleaner that will weaken the clog, making it easier to push through. The second thought is that if nothing works, you should look to contact a professional to help you.
  • A Leaky Faucet
    We understand how annoying that drip-drip sound is when it comes to a leaky faucet, but it is a problem that can be managed. Whether the tap is not tight enough or is too old, you can repair it (by tightening it) or replacing it.
  • Caulking Your Bathroom
    While caulking your bathroom isn’t an issue many people face regularly, it is something that you should know about. You won’t have to do it often, but additional caulking now and then helps. All you have to do is re-fill the gaps in between your bathroom amenities to strengthen it.
  • Low Water Pressure
    Noticing that your shower or your faucet isn’t firing at all cylinders? The chances are that you are facing low water pressure. In most cases, it could be because of the showerhead or faucet itself, so changing it can help. However, in some cases, it could be something deep down, which might require professional help.

When To Call A Plumber in Calgary?

These are the five plumbing repairs that you should be able to handle yourself. However, if you do try to fix them, and there is no success, it could be a sign of a deeper problem. It could be time to call a professional plumber in Calgary to help you with these problems.

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