If you’re noticing problems with your drains – like a foul odour or that they’re clogging frequently – then you need to seriously consider having your drains professionally cleaned. Drain cleaning in Calgary is a necessary part of routine home maintenance; that’s why you need to be familiar with it. Here are the answers to three commonly asked questions about drain cleaning in Calgary.

How do you deal with tree roots in a drain line?

When tree roots begin encroaching into your drain line, you need to take action immediately as many of the common solutions to the problem only work when there’s a flow of water within the line.

If your drain line is completely blocked by roots, then a drain cleaning can temporarily open it back up. You’re going to need future, routine cleanings, however, to keep the line open and you’re looking at an expensive sewer repair or replacement as an ultimate solution. That’s because once roots are present, then a sewer line cleaning can’t remove them fully and there’s a high chance that they’ll simply regrow.

How can I help prevent drain clogs?

There are a variety of steps that you can take to prevent drain clogs. These include not putting grease, food, or other detritus down your drain. You can place a strainer over your drain to catch food and other large debris from going down the drain in your kitchen and bathroom to catch hair. By taking these steps, you can help prevent build-ups from occurring as often or as frequently, which extends the lifespan of your drain cleaning.

What is water jetting?

Water jets send highly pressurized water through the nozzle of a hose, which is inserted into the drain line. It’s a recent addition to the tools used as part of drain cleaning, but is ideal for removing grease stoppages from inside drainage pipes. That’s because a traditional drain cleaning method serves no purpose in removing such a stoppage.

Water jetting is also used when there’s sediment build-up or debris within a drain pipe. In such cases, it’s an extremely useful method of cleaning out drains and removing clogs – or potential clogs that have begun to form.

Knowing what to ask when it comes to drain cleaning in Calgary is important. Hopefully, the answers to these questions have shed some light on the topic for you. If you have more questions about the process of drain cleaning – or would like to schedule one for your home – then My Calgary Plumber is your drain cleaning service in Calgary! Give us a call today!