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DIY Plumbing – 3 Steps To Remove Trapped Air From Pipes

Airlocks are air pockets that affect the smooth flow of water. More common in hot water pipes because of the added pressure, airlocks often occur as a result of the natural flow of water in your plumbing system.  

Although a professional plumber will know how to remove the air from your pipes and can confirm if this is the actual problem, you may want to try to remove these airlocks yourself first.  We know not everyone is a plumbing expert, and have therefore created 3 simple steps to get rid of the annoying air that fills your pipes. And, these steps will take less than half an hour and require no tools or special knowledge!  

3 Steps to Remove Airlocks from your Pipes 

1. Turn off the water. Even if you hear loud noises on only one part of your plumbing system, it’s recommended that you act on the entire system by closing the general stopcock of the house.  This will stop all water from any faucet, equipment or outlet in your home.  

2. Then, empty the wastewater. Check all the faucets in your house, one by one, opening them to the maximum.  This helps to eliminate all the water that has been trapped in the system. As you have cut the general supply, only the residual water will come out of the pipes. Leave all the faucets open for a bit, but keep the water turned off until the last drop comes out in all the rooms of the house.  

3. Finally, fill the system again. Open the general water stopcock. This will open all the faucets in your home so that you can refill the pipeline circuit with water. Turn your faucets back on and verify that all faucets work well without water cuts or annoying sounds. At first, the water flow will not be smooth as trapped air makes its way out of the ducts. When the water flow is normal and continuous, close the faucets for good.  

If the strange noises in your pipes persist, leave it in the hands of a specialist, like My Calgary Plumber, as these types of incidents are unlikely to disappear and may get worse if neglected. 

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