There are a whole host of plumbing problems that can strike at any time. That’s why you need a reliable plumber in Calgary to help you out when a problem occurs. Here’s what you need to know about three of the most common plumbing problems.

Running Toilet

Running toilets are annoying, always making noise, but they can also be an incredibly costly problem to have. A running toilet can use and lose up to 200 gallons of water in a single day. Often, the most common culprit of a running toilet is a faulty flapper valve; this is what controls the water which passes from the tank to the toilet bowl.

However, a running toilet may be caused by a build-up of sediment that affects the toilet’s ability to flush and fill. If you start noticing your toilet constantly running – either because of the noise or an increased water bowl – then you might want to call in a plumber in Calgary to have a look and diagnose the problem.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Although they can be pretty useful, garbage disposals are like any other appliance in your home and can jam or malfunction. If you run yours without water, dispose of certain foods down them, or get silverware caught in one, you can have both a serious problem or cause serious damage to your garbage disposal.

You need to be careful when clearing out a jam in your garbage disposal. Your first step should always be hitting the reset button, but that doesn’t work every time. You might need a plumber to come and have a look, particularly if the jam is a serious one.

Leaky Pipe(s)

Leaky pipes are more than just a simple nuisance. They can cause a lot of damage to your home and its furnishings. Not to mention, the wet conditions that they cause make for a prime habitat for pests and moulds. The most commonplace for pipes to spring a leak is at their joints.

While there are solutions for a temporary fix – like tape or plumbing compounds – these only work long enough for you to arrange for a more permanent solution. If you’ve got a leaky pipe, then you’re going to need to call in a plumber in Calgary to fix the problem at its source.

If you find yourself facing one of the above listed plumbing problems, then you need to know which plumber in Calgary to call. Your top choice should be My Calgary Plumber. Give us a call today for all your plumbing problems!