Having ready access to clean water is important. And it’s something that a lot of us probably take for granted. While you might be used to turning on your taps to clear, clean water, sometimes things can occur that cause the water to run an ugly brown colour. Here are the most common causes of brown water – along with when you should call a plumber near you about it.

Mineral Disturbances

The most common cause of brown water is that there’s been some kind of disturbance in the minerals or sediment that are present in your water. These minerals and sediments are naturally occurring – both in your water and in your pipes. If there’s been construction near your home or if there’s work being done on the main water line that supplies your home, it could cause such a disturbance.

Rusty Pipes

One of the more concerning causes of brown water is rusty pipes. Although pipes have a pretty long lifespan, they do corrode and break down over time. If the pipes are badly corroded, then it can cause rust to get into your pipes themselves and change the colour of the water within them.

Rusty pipes will cause the water to turn into a brownish colour or become rust-coloured. As time passes, this problem will only worsen. Eventually, your pipes will corrode so badly that they will begin to leak.

When to Call in a Plumber Near You

Typically, if the cause of brown water is a disturbance of the minerals and sediments, it’ll correct itself within a few hours as the minerals and sediments settle again. Now, if you’re noticing that the water in your home has suddenly turned brown, your first instinct is going to be to call a plumber near you to fix the problem. However, to ensure that it’s an emergency, let your water run for about an hour before you call. If the problem hasn’t resolved itself by then, then you absolutely need to call in a nearby plumber.

If your water has turned brown and it isn’t improving, then you need to call in My Calgary Plumber. We’ve got years of experience in handling plumbing problems and can properly diagnose your problem and get it fixed. Give us a call today!