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10 Steps To Check Your Plumbing Installations For Potential Problems

Whether you are in a new living space or have noticed a possible problem in the sanitary installation, you can do some simple checks to determine the state of your plumbing installation. If you think there is a problem with your plumbing system, such as leakage or damage to the pipes, you can use a few simple tests before calling plumber. Through these simple methods, you can discover the cause of the problem and prevent more serious failures. Check for water leaks - check for cracks or pipes leaks, either with a dry cloth over the pipes or directly by…

How To Protect Your Home Plumbing & Save Money

Plumbing problems can lead to constant damage and repairs in your house. While periodic maintenance by a professional is highly recommended, there are simple tips to protect your plumbing.  Even when your plumbing seems to be working well, there are a few simple things you can do to help protect your plumbing and save your pocket.  Plus, with the tips below, you can make your plumber's visits periodic to your home, focusing on economy and functionality.    Is your bathroom functioning at its highest potential?  If there are worn or defective parts in your bathroom, replace them immediately. This will help protect your plumbing and…

5 Tips To Avoid Winter Plumbing Problems

With winter approaching, many homeowners worry that the cold weather may cause plumbing problems.   Blocked drainage systems, dysfunctional heating systems, and broke and corroded pipes are a few of the most common plumbing problems that you may experience this winter.  Here are a few tips that you can do at home to prevent a plumbing mishap.   1. Worried about your pipes freezing? Run a small amount of water through your pipes daily. With water flowing through your pipes, it’s less likely to turn to ice.   2.  Wrap internal and external pipes with heat tapes to keep your plumbing system insulated.   Do not forget to check the pipes that are in the cold areas of the house. They need as much attention as outdoor pipes.   3. Keep your heating on, especially if you are leaving…

6 Plumbing Tools You Should Know Even If You Are Not A Plumber

Although plumbing often requires a high degree of expertise, there are some tasks, especially those related to cleaning and maintenance, that you can do yourself!   In this article, we are going to show you some of the tools that Calgary plumbers have in their plumber’s toolbox.   Wrench  A common tool in many professions, including plumbing, a wrench can be used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts, and its opening can adjust inch by inch to different sizes.    Pipe Wrench   With a function like that of the wrench, a pipe wrench is a tool used only for plumbing. It’s most commonly used to screw pipes and has a serrated and adjustable jaw that can latch tightly to grip around tubes or other cylindrical parts.  Pipe Cutter  An essential tool in plumbing if you…

3 Signs Of A Hot Water Heater Leakage

Are you constantly running out of hot water? There could be some quick fixes you can do before calling a professional plumber for help.  Today’s water heaters typically last between ten and twelve years, although many can last up to fifteen. If you notice that you’re running out of hot water when you take a bath or shower, it may be that oxidation has caused debris to accumulate in your hot water heater. Oxidation occurs in new or older water heaters when air leaks in forming rust in the tubes of your water heater interfering with the heating function. If your water heater is relatively new and you’re finding that you’re running out of hot water, this could be…

DIY Plumbing – 3 Steps To Remove Trapped Air From Pipes

Airlocks are air pockets that affect the smooth flow of water. More common in hot water pipes because of the added pressure, airlocks often occur as a result of the natural flow of water in your plumbing system.   Although a professional plumber will know how to remove the air from your pipes and can confirm if this is the actual problem, you may want to try to remove these airlocks yourself first.  We know not everyone is a plumbing expert, and have therefore created 3 simple steps to get rid of the annoying air that fills your pipes. And, these steps will take less than half an hour and require no tools or special knowledge!   3 Steps to Remove Airlocks from your Pipes  1. Turn off the water. Even if you hear loud noises on only one part…

6 Steps to Fixing a Dripping Faucet

More than 3,000 gallons of water per year are wasted if a leaky faucet is left to drip at a normal rate of one drip per second. That's more than 180 showers per year! Fixing your leaky faucet is therefore not only good for the environment but could also save you money.   In order to fix a dripping faucet, you must first understand what kind of leak you have. A whistling or screaming/squealing sound when you turn your faucet usually means that you need a new washer, which can be found in most home improvement stores. Whereas if you notice that your water is not flowing freely, spits or leaks when you try and turn your faucet on, then you probably have a clogged aerator. These clogs…

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Professional Plumber Near Calgary

If you are looking for plumbing companies in Calgary or anywhere, don't miss this article.   The reality is that unforeseen plumbing events can have major financial and emotional implications, impacting our day-to-day life. When something does not work for us, like the toilet or sink clogging up, it can affect our mood, productivity and finances It’s important to seek the right professional help at the earliest stage, so that issues can be quickly fixed and we can move on with our lives.   If you want to hire the best professional plumber for any unforeseen plumbing problems, it is essential that you opt for a professional who:  - has years of experience in the field, and  - is qualified for the work you want to get…
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