Give yourself some peace of mind during a well-deserved vacation by taking a few simple steps before you leave to help avoid plumbing problems. Take care of these Calgary plumbing priorities before your next trip.

Check the Water Heater

Carefully inspect the water heater for signs of leaks or cracks; look around the tank for drips or puddles of water. Call for plumbing services in Calgary if you notice anything unusual or concerning.

Make Sure the Sump Pump Works

If you have a basement below the water table, a sump pump can help keep your home dry. A unit with a battery backup works to protect the basement even if there is a power outage and is an integral part of home care.

Clear the Drains for Home Maintenance

Avoid coming to home to an off smell by clearing the drains before you leave. Run cold water and ice cubes through the garbage disposal to prevent unpleasant odours. Add this to your home care list even if you aren’t going for vacation to help keep your home smelling pleasant.

Shut Off the Water to Calgary Plumbing

Shutting off the main water valve is an easy way to avoid leaks and other Calgary plumbing damage while you’re gone. If you need the water for a house sitter or the yard, you can turn off water valves in high-risk areas instead, like to the washing machine and dishwasher.

Post a List of Plumbing Services in Calgary

Create a list of emergency contact numbers to leave for a house sitter or neighbour. Include your preferred plumbing services in Calgary as well as other preferred home care service providers.

Enjoy your vacation without worrying about the condition of your Calgary plumbing back home. Take care of these priorities before you leave to make sure your plumbing is in good shape.

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