Burst Pipe

7 Tips To Prevent Your Pipes from Bursting

Not to Burst Your Pipes or Anything–But– 

Your water pipes are vulnerable to cold weather. Freezing temperatures can penetrate the ground where your pipes reside. What do you do then? Is there anything you can do to help prevent the inevitable? Let’s get informed as we discover how cold-water contraction can lead to an unwelcome “subtraction” to your bank statement. And how can you get proactive to keep the cold and the cost blues away! The first step begins with contacting your trusted plumbing service in Calgary for weatherization tips!  

Winning Number Seven 

How can you help prevent the worst-case scenario from occurring? Here are seven insider tips to keep your pipes functional during the winter months: 

  • Note the temp on your thermostat. How warm is your home? Heat can help stave off the chill!  
  • Ensure your home is thoroughly insulated. Look for leaks or other areas where warm air may escape. The next step should be to seal them. (This also may help lower the electric bill as well!) 
  • Turn the faucet on! Let the water trickle–so pipes stay “warmed up.” 
  • Support warm airflow through your home. Distributing heat throughout (especially to the colder rooms in the house) spreads the warmth to you and your pipes! 
  • Let the dust bunnies out of your cabinetry! How? Open up the doors and let the heat warm the pipes underneath! 
  • Unfasten the hose from your outside spout. A hose often has residual water in it that can cause cracking after it freezes. 
  • Wrap pipes up like a present with “heat” tape. Heat tape can help stop pipelines and even roofs from getting “iced” when winter creeps in.  

The transformation of a liquid to a solid is a sight to behold, but it can be detrimental to your plumbing system if it does.   

Purposeful Plumbing  

Your trusted plumbing service in Calgary can help you understand how strong or vulnerable your system is to freezing conditions. Water contraction will find the weak points in a pipe and cause cracking and breakage. Before that happens, your local plumbing experts can help reveal any weaknesses and address them! Have any questions? Want to know more great tips to keep the cold away and press play to a cozy winter holiday? Contact My Calgary Plumber and discover how to stay comfortable when your pipes decide to give you the cold shoulder! 

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