You know the signs: the water in the sink or shower takes too long to drain or you notice unusual odours coming from the drains. These indicate a clog forming and it’s best to deal with the drain as quickly as possible to avoid further problems. You can try these simple drain cleaning tips yourself before calling Calgary plumbers.

1. Use a Plunger for Calgary Drain Cleaning

A plunger creates pressure that helps break up the clog and force it through the pipes. Make sure no air can escape while you plunge the drain.

2. Pour Baking Soda Down the Clogged Drain

Baking soda helps dissolve clogs and clear them away. Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain, wait five minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain. You can also add white vinegar to the baking soda during Calgary drain cleaning for extra clog-busting power.

3. Try Boiling Water for Drain Cleaning

Sometimes boiling water on its own is enough to clear your drains, particularly in the kitchen. Pour a large amount of boiling water down the drain to melt the clog.

4. Remove and Clean the Trap with Calgary Plumbers

The trap under your sink is a common place for gunk to collect. Cleaning the trap is an easy job for plumbers in Calgary, but it’s one that many homeowners can do themselves. Remove the trap and clear it of obstructions before replacing it.

5. When to Call Plumbers in Calgary

If the above tips don’t help the problem, it’s time to call Calgary plumbers.

From clearing clogged drains to fixing leaks or upgrading plumbing, plumbers in Calgary are happy to help with your drain and plumbing needs.

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